Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C922

Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C922 HD webcam specs chart, price comparison and detailed reviews complete with products comparison video.

Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo webcam has a ring light for streaming and you know darker environment it doesn’t have any background removal utilities like the C922. Plus great autofocus system to produce high resolution video contents.

Logitech C922

Aimed to casual users, the Logitech C922 webcam comes with powerful features specifically automatic background removal and 720p at 60 FPS. Plus Logitech Capture software to create custom settings easily.

Product Specification Charts

FeaturesRazer KiyoLogitech C922
Weight0.37 lbs (170.0 g)162 g
Height1.86 inches1.14 inches
Width2.72 inches3.74 inches
DepthN/A2.80 inches
Image Resolution4 Megapixels2 Megapixels
Still Image Resolution2688 x 1520N/A
Field of View81.6°78°
Focus TypeAutoAuto
Connection TypeUSB 2.0USB Type-A USB 2.0
Video EncodingYUY2/H.264 or MJPEG codec (compressed)H.264
Video Resolutions1080p
Frame Rates30 FPS
60 FPS
30 FPS
30 FPS
30 FPS
60 FPS
HDR Support?NoYes
Ring Light?YesNo
Adaptive Light Sensor?NoNo
SoftwareRazer Synapse 3Logitech Capture
Cable Length1.5 meter1.52 meter
Mounting OptionsTripod and L-Shape JointFixed Mounting Clips
Noise Cancelling?NoYes
Image StabilizationNoNo
Warranty1-year of warranty1-year of warranty

Price Comparison

Razer Kiyo 1080p 30 FPS / 720p 60 FPSRazer Kiyo vs Logitech C922$71.44
Razer Kiyo Streaming CamerasRazer Kiyo vs Logitech C922$99.99
Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam 1080P CameraRazer Kiyo vs Logitech C922$75.99
Logitech C922 Pro 1080p WebcamRazer Kiyo vs Logitech C922$99.99

Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C922: Which is Better?

The Razer Kiyo and Logitech C922 webcam is able to be mounted on top of your monitors, they both have a little screw at the bottom so you can mount it onto a tripod and they both fold so you can just put it on your desk and have it to aim upwards. More over, the Razer Kiyo and Logitech C922 have all the same mounting options.

If you have a monitor with thin bezels, the Razer Kiyo could actually kind of block your monitor just because it’s so chunky on the bottom that it might end up covering your monitor if the bezels are small enough. Now you may have the same problem with the Logitech C922 is slightly thinner though so it probably won’t take up it really depends on the size of your bezels. But again you can just mount it on a tripod if you want or just mount it on your desk.

So where does that leave us well it really depends on what you have right now. If you have decent lighting equipment or a well-lit room that you can use to record in the Logitech C922 to is the obvious answer. But if you happen to not have access to any kind of lighting equipment that you can use the ring light on the Razer Kiyo webcam is actually pretty decent.

Personally if I were to recommend between the two if if you have the budget, I just recommend getting a cheap little desk lamp or something and using the Logitech C922 because the pricing they’re so similar that the ring light is almost negligible because it’s just like the quality is just so much better on the C922.

The Razer Kiyo does have one thing going for it though, it looks kind of cool, bulky, fat and it sits on top of your monitor and it looks huge but it has a folding mechanism that looks like pretty cool.

Comparison Video Between Razer Kiyo vs C922 Webcam

For detail comparison between Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C922, please check video below:

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