How to Connect Razer Kraken to Xbox One

How to Connect Razer Kraken to Xbox One – The Razer Kraken is the most convenient headset allow you to connect the headset for the Xbox one as far as direct connections. The only reason it might take you a little bit longer is if you need to use the included micro USB cable to update your controller to be used with a stereo Razer Kraken headset adapter in the bottom of your controller.

But if you’ve already updated your Xbox One controller in the previous month you don’t really need to do this. They also supply a cable where you can put the 3.5 jack in and also go to two PC splitters so the Kraken headset is also available to be used on the PC.

Now a stereo headset adapters been included with the Razer Kraken Xbox one headset is very similar to the Microsoft version, same controls, buttons and they work in exactly the same way so on the left hand side you have the balancing options between game sound and chat sound and then the general volume on the right hand side with the mute switch in the middle.

The Razer Kraken just one cable into the headset there’s no plugging in you need to do with the actual cable on the headset and this feeds off to a 3.5 cable which actually connects obviously into the bottom the stereo headset adapter for the Xbox one controller. Here’s the Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One Setup Guide:

How to Connect Razer Kraken to Xbox One

how to connect razer kraken to xbox one
  1. Plug in the Razer stereo headset adapter to controller.
  2. Then Plug in a 3.5 headset cable directly into the bottom of the Razer stereo headset adapter for Xbox One.
  3. When you’have done that and your Xbox One is powered on.
  4. It’s as simple as that is will recognize it and you’re free to game.

You can try the steps above for Razer Kraken X, Kitty and Ultimate. See detail tutorials to setup the Razer Kraken gaming headset from Razer official site.

Please Note: The only thing you’ll need to do in addition if you need to update your Xbox One controller. If your controller already updated, you’re free to game and it literally takes about 30 seconds to setup and maybe 10-15 seconds if you’have already done it before.

So the Razer Kraken gaming headset was extremely convenient and you can easily connect Kraken headset to Xbox One Controller by using Razer stereo adapter for Xbox One. Find out more Razer gaming headset setup guides and software packages from

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