Razer Huntsman Elite vs Blackwidow Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite vs BlackWidow Elite gaming keyboard is very similar, they both recently released from Razer within the last two or three months and if you’re looking to buy one of these you wonder what the differences are, so in this page we will compare both Razer Huntsman and BlackWidow Elite RGB keyboards, including price, specs comparison and buying guide.

Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite offers more features for a better experience. It includes a leatherette wrist rest and stunning underglow backlighting with Razer™ Linear Optical Switch and new Braided cable.
More features.

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Almost similar to the Huntsman Elite, The Razer BlackWidow Elite comes at a lower price and is equipped with RGB backlighting, Razer Hypershift and Green, Orange, Yellow Switch with fantastic management cable.

Razer Huntsman Elite vs BlackWidow Elite Specs Comparison Chart

FeaturesRazer Huntsman EliteRazer BlackWidow Elite
Dimensions44.4 x 14 x 3.5 cm448 x 164 x 42.3 mm
Weight1224 g1422 g
Cables TypeBraided fiber cableApprox. 2.5m/ 8.20ft
SwitchesRazer™ Linear Optical SwitchRazer Green, Razer Orange, Razer Yellow
ConnectionWired - AttachedUSB
ExtrasFully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recordingWith palm rest, fully programmable
KeycapsRegular ABSLaser etched ABS keycaps
USB PassthroughNoYes
Audio PassthroughNoYes
Media KeysDedicated media controlsDedicated media controls
Macro KeysNo macro keysNo macro keys
Razer HypershiftYesYes
Key RolloverN/A10KRO
LightingRazer Chroma™ backlighting with underglowRazer Chroma™ backlighting - no underglow
SoftwareRazer Synapse 3Razer Synapse 3
Onboard MemoryHybrid onboard storage – up to 5 profilesHybrid onboard storage – up to 5 profiles
Switch Lifespan100 million keystrokes80 million keystrokes
Release DateJune 2018November 2018
Product Warranty2-years warranty2-years warranty

Price Comparison

Razer Huntsman Elite Fastest Keyboard SwitchRazer Huntsman Elite vs Blackwidow Elite$151.99
Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical SwitchRazer Huntsman Elite vs Blackwidow Elite$199.99
Razer BlackWidow Elite - Orange SwitchRazer Huntsman Elite vs Blackwidow Elite$82.64
Razer BlackWidow Elite - Green SwitchRazer Huntsman Elite vs Blackwidow Elite$169.99


The Razer Hunstman Elite keyboard is made out of an aluminium construction it feels very high quality, very heavy, very sturdy keyboard in general a massive improvement over Razer plastic keyboard bodies in the past.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite uses a military-grade metal top plate which is actually quite a bit different than the Huntsman Elite. This one definitely has more of a matte finish and feel to it it’s still quite cool to the touch though because of course it is metal.

It’s quite fingerprint resistant you can put your fingerprints all over and they disappear within seconds ready. The dimensions of the RazerBblackwidow Elite are also quite a bit different than the Hunstman Elite, you do have a little bit more space on both the left and right hand side.


One of the favorite part about the Huntsman Elite keyboard has to be the switches they’re the rates of purple Opto-Mechanical switches they are genuinely fantastic. But that’s mainly absolute personal preference really on what kind of switches you like.

These switches is super light to click with 45 ground actuation force and generally they’re just fantastic they sound really nice and it’s using the keyboard for everyday project is been fantastic.

These Opto-Mechanical purple switches are very special though, they’re rated for 100 million Keystrokes each, every single key on the Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard has a built-in Stabilizer Bar Reducing any potential wobble as well as allowing you to press the key down from like any corner and it will still sound the same it will still feel the same thanks to this Stabilizer Bar.

While, Razer have taken their existing Green-Switches for the BlackWidow Elite keyboard and upgrade then to now have dual sidewalls on the left and right hand side of the switch.

This increases key stability and reduces any chance of any liquids or dust getting into the switch and potentially causing any damage in the future and these switches are also rated for 80 million keystrokes each.

But they dont’t really feel or sound the same as your standard green Mechanical-Switch found on the Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2. These new Razer degrees definitely feel quite a lot more heavier and they feel very different to the Razer Purple switches that are found in the eraser Huntsman Elite.

The Razer Green switches have an actuation force of 50 grams, whereas the Razer Purple switches have an actuation force of 45 grams and you can feel the 5 gram difference it’s there so just bear that in mind these switches do sound different.

Key & Buttons

The Razer Huntsman Elite has the multimedia buttons as well as the multifunction dial they are fantastic. You can even reprogram the down to do various things like scroll, through your Adobe Premiere timeline, increase or decrease brush size and Photoshop and you noticed anything you want really as it is programmable to do whatever you want.

Part of the dial kind of sticks out at the keyboard though and some people weren’t really a big fan of that they kind of said looks ugly, but in that’s actually a good thing that it sticks out of the side of the keyboard because you don’t have to reach over top of the keyboard to actually adjust the volume on your PC.

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For example you can can adjust reach over to the side of the keyboard with your hand and you know it just be volume on your PC for example. It’s a pretty cool feature and actually implemented a into the keyboard.

But it’s not perfect there are some actual problems so each of the multimedia keys as well as the mute button on top of the dial aren’t fully backlit. so there are any D-lights actual keys and the mute button on the dial but there’s no light actually shining through the keys.

The BlackWidow Elite keyboard also features the multimedia keys as well as the multifunction dial a feature that we sure everyone is going to love if they get their hands on this keyboard.


There are also no dedicated macro keys on the Hunstman Elite at all. However, you can set any of the keys to be a macro key in the Razer Synapse free software for Microsoft Windows or Macintosh OS.

Just like the Huntsman, the Razer BlackWidow Elite also doesn’t have a macro key. But thanks to Razer Hypershift, you can easily turn any key into a macro via Razer Synapse 3 on Windows (PC) and macOS devices.

RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting on Hunstman Elite keyboard is absolutely insane probably the best RGB lighting you can find on a keyboard, there are 20 customized for LED zones for the under glow on the wrist rest.

Another 38 customizable LED zones on the keyboard and then every single key on the keyboard except for the most media buttons are also individually customizable so you can make every single key on the keyboard a different color if you want to do.

But for the most media keys you can only set all three of them to one color you can’t customize the color of each one of them for some strange reason.

The RGB lighting on the BlackWidow Elite it looks pretty good very similar to the Huntsmen Elite. Apart from the fact that the Huntsman Elite has freaking underglow and the BlackWidow Elite doesn’t.

But it does have an RGB Razer logo something that we constantly doesn’t, so the Razer logo is there. But if you use the included optional wrist rest, your RGB Razer logo is gone.

But there is a very subtle non RGB emboss’d Razer logo. In the actual wrist rest padding, it’s super subtle you barely even notice that it’s there and the wrist rest itself is very nice, comfortable to use, very soft padding all of the wrist rest.

But there is a very subtle non RGB emboss’d Razer logo. In the actual wrist rest padding, it’s super subtle you barely even notice that it’s there and the wrist rest itself is very nice, comfortable to use, very soft padding all of the wrist rest.

Probably even better than be padding on the Huntsmen Elite. It feel likeso slightly thicker in a way and it just feels a little bit nicer to actually use and if you’re wondering how the wrist strap attaches to the keyboard, it just attaches via a few magnets.

Both the wrist rest and the keyboard itself have tons of these non-slip rubber pads all over them, so your keyboard is not going anywhere and you don’t have to worry about it aligned moving around your desk.


Speaking of the Huntsman Elite cables and stuff the keyboard does come with a very thick braided cable and the keyboard has no past reports at all, no USB pass-through, no audio pass through.

The keyboard wire doesn’t come out of the middle of the keyboard it kind of comes out of like the right middle of the keyboard.

The cable management for Razer BlackWidow Elite is fantastic, they’re looking at the keyboard from like a top-down view just straight down on the keyboard it looks Wireless there are no cables in sight literally not a singlecable and side it looks awesome.

But if you pick the keyboard up it is of course actually wired but the cable management channels in the keyboard are genuinely fantastic. The keyboard wire doesn’t come out of like the actual end of the keyboard.

It comes out of like the inside bottom of the keyboard allowing you to pretty much completely hide the wire that comes out of the keyboard. It’s a no thick braided cable from Razer.

It’s fantastic very high quality cable and you can even run the keyboard wire out of the left or right hand side of the keyboard if you want to through this included cable management channel built into the keyboard.

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Which is Better?

Overall, the Razer Huntsman Elite and BlackWidow Elite are both excellent mechanical gaming keyboards, and the choice between them largely depends on personal preference and budget. The Huntsman Elite is ideal for those who prioritize speed and performance, while the BlackWidow Elite is a more traditional mechanical keyboard with a tactile and satisfying typing experience.


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